Saturday, December 03, 2005


I am now the proud owner of a cute kitten named Chloe. After begging Walt for few weeks to let me have a kitten, he finally gave in last Saturday. My timing was probably not the best since I am in the middle of my law school exams and since Walt and I will be gone for 2 weeks after Christmas. Oh well. I have learned a few things about cats this past week. First, they do not always smell good. I am greatful that she inherently knows how to use a litter box, but I am not a big fan of cleaning it out. Second, cats (even little kittens) do not cuddle on command. Although she lets me pick her up and pet her, she will quickly jump out of my arms. I imagined studying peacefully and having my little kitten curled up in my lap. She will only come in my lap if she wants to. I guess that is the nature of a cat. When I get a digital picture, I will post it. Maybe this cat will teach me some life lessons (like patience and you don't always get what you expect).

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norieann said...

aww, a kitten. mara and pelham recently gave my parents two kittens. i hate cats and am allergic; yet somehow, i can't stop chasing these little kittens, watching them play, and making them snuggle with me when i'm at home. they are so adorable. i'm glad you got yourself one, betsy. and i'm sure it doesn't smell any worse than, walter. :) hope all is well for you guys. p.s. oh yeah, The Princess Bride is such a great movie (i saw it on your profile). Do you know the guy in that is the same guy in the first Saw movie? he's much fatter now.